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Emy Persiani

EMY PERSIANI singer, presenter, teacher, performer. Born in Rome, graduated cum laude in Modern Languages and

English Literature at the Roman University "La Sapienza".At present she teaches English Language and is at the

same time a professional singer.

She has a wide vocal range and a natural vocal talent that allows her to sing jazz, soul, pop and blues.

Her father was the jazz and classic  pianist Cesare Persiani who played with Angelini, Barzizza, Rabagliati,  Kramer.

Since the age of seven Emy has played the piano and composed instrumental pieces never published. 

In 1995 took part in a singing competition, won the first prize  and started her singing career. She refined her vocal

talent with Maestro Fulvio Tomaino.

In Italy she has been invited to sing at Montecatini, Bassano del Grappa, San Giovanni Rotondo, Arezzo.

Abroad she has performed in Corsica, Pakistan, U.S.A. (Miami Beach, New York) London, Rotterdam.


2003-2004 TINAPIKA opened performances of: Dado, Maurizio Battista, Antonio Giuliani, Massimo Bagnato.

2005-2006 " MASSIMO BAGNATO SHOW" sings jazz in the show of the comic actor.

2007 ITALIANCAFE' jazz -swing band  tribute to her father pianist Cesare Persiani and to the swing of the 40s and 50s.

2008 TV TALK SHOW singer and guest of the pianist  Alessandro Alessandro in a private TV.

2009 SOLITUDINI theater and music with the songs of Dalida .

2009 TEATRO VERDI MONTECATINI TERME sings and presents, in a benefit show for the Histiocytosis.

2010 ISLAMABAD- PAKISTAN  first Italian singer to perform in Pakistan at the Marriott Hotel Islamabad on occasion of 

the Italian Armed Forces Day in the presence of high-ranking diplomats and international armies high representatives 

2010 FERRI FERRISSIMA tribute to the Roman folk singer Gabriella Ferri with the official approval of Artist's Family

2012 WONDERFUL WHITNEY  tribute to the Diva Whitney Houston, a show with live band and dancers.

2014 MONTECATINI TERME at the Nuovo Teatro Verdi she sings and presents the Second Edition of the Charity Show

for the Histiocytosis with very special Guests: Simona Bencini and Dirotta su Cuba, Tony Esposito 

2016 TEATRO TESTACCIO on the bill FERRI FERRISSIMA Omaggio a Gabriella Ferri


2018 - 2019 MOVES TO THE NETHERLANDS. Lives  in Rotterdam where she is now working at three musical projects

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